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Why Tea Is Bad For Brain Health ??


Tea, enjoyed by millions around the world, is often celebrated for its numerous health benefits. In India, everything starts with the tea and ends with the tea.

From boosting heart health to aiding in weight management, its positive effects are well-documented. However, excessive tea consumption can lead to several health concerns, particularly concerning the brain. Let's explore why tea might be detrimental to health and how it affects the brain.

Health Risks of Tea: Beyond the Benefits

1. Caffeine Overload

Tea contains caffeine, albeit less than coffee, which can still cause problems if consumed in large quantities. High caffeine intake can lead to:

  • Sleep Disruption: Caffeine can interfere with sleep, leading to insomnia. Poor sleep quality is detrimental to brain health, affecting memory and cognitive functions.
  • Increased Anxiety: Excessive caffeine can heighten anxiety levels, leading to stress and mental fatigue.
  • Caffeine Dependence: Regular high consumption can lead to dependence, with withdrawal symptoms like headaches and irritability when not consumed.

2. Interference with Iron Absorption

Tea contains tannins, compounds that can inhibit the absorption of iron from food. This is particularly concerning for those with iron-deficiency anemia. The brain requires adequate oxygen, which is transported by iron-rich blood. A deficiency can lead to:

  • Cognitive Impairment: Insufficient iron levels can result in reduced cognitive abilities and slower mental processing.
  • Fatigue: Low energy levels and fatigue can significantly impact overall brain function.

3. Presence of Toxic Contaminants

Tea plants can absorb heavy metals like aluminum, lead, and mercury from the soil, which can accumulate in the tea leaves. Consuming contaminated tea can lead to:

  • Neurotoxicity: Heavy metals are harmful to brain cells, potentially causing neurological issues over time.
  • Memory Problems: Prolonged exposure to heavy metals can lead to memory loss and other cognitive difficulties.

4. Excessive Polyphenols

While polyphenols are beneficial antioxidants, excessive intake can have adverse effects. Too many polyphenols can:

  • Affect Thyroid Function: This can lead to hypothyroidism, which can impact cognitive function and mental health.
  • Interact with Medications: High levels of polyphenols can reduce the effectiveness of certain medications, leading to potential health complications.

5. High Oxalate Levels

Tea, particularly black tea, contains oxalates, which can contribute to kidney stones. High oxalate levels can also:

  • Affect Nerve Function: Leading to muscle weakness and pain.
  • Cause Neurological Disorders: High oxalate levels have been associated with conditions like autism and Alzheimer's disease.

How to Enjoy Tea Safely

While these potential health risks may seem concerning, they primarily arise from excessive consumption. Here are some tips to enjoy tea healthily:

  1. Moderation is Key: Limit tea intake to 2-3 cups a day to avoid excessive caffeine and polyphenols.
  2. Choose High-Quality Tea: Opt for organic teas to minimize exposure to contaminants.
  3. Iron-Rich Diet: Ensure a balanced diet rich in iron, especially if you consume tea regularly.
  4. Stay Hydrated: Balance tea with plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  5. Diversify Beverages: Mix in herbal or caffeine-free teas to reduce overall caffeine intake.


Tea can be a delightful and beneficial addition to your diet when consumed in moderation. However, excessive tea consumption can lead to health issues, including adverse effects on brain health. By understanding the potential risks and managing your intake, you can enjoy the benefits of tea while maintaining your health.

Balancing enjoyment with health considerations, informed choices about tea consumption can lead to a healthier, more vibrant life. For further reading, explore detailed studies and expert insights on the potential effects of tea on health and brain function.

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Exploring Spirituality At 40


Exploring Spirituality At 40

Spirituality has never been just a topic for me to discuss casually or to attract followers on social media. It is a deeply personal journey that I practice every day, and the realisations I’ve experienced have been nothing short of incredible and mesmerising. I never anticipated how intimately connected I would become with my true self.

The life we are living today resembles a "khichdi"—a dish familiar to every household in India, made with a mix of various ingredients, resulting in a flavour that encompasses everything. Similarly, we are attempting to live a bit of everything all at once.

Initially, I was living in this eclectic mix of life, delighted by the newfound freedom I possessed. Design education in top college, 9 to 5 job, six figure salary, Bangalore, independent life etc.

Everything I desired seemed just a button away.

This happens when you gain independence and the power to make decisions for yourself.

You will rise, you will fall. You will win, and you will fail. But, how long can this continue?

The beauty of the universe lies in its ability to take you on a rollercoaster ride, with every twist and turn serving a purpose. It guides you onto the path it has chosen for you, often in the most unexpected ways.

Trust me I wasn't able to predict anything. Some days I had everything, and on others, I felt completely lost.

This unpredictability is the essence of life’s journey and the core of spiritual growth.

This experience is similar to the stock market. You will face losses initially until you learn and master it. Without discipline and self-exploration, you won't find emotional stability. The mind will always ensnare you with desires.

To gain one thing, you often have to sacrifice another.

There came a day when my mind gave up. I found myself entangled in a web of my own creation, unable to move an inch. It felt suffocating, as if I were drowning in the deepest ocean on the earth.

Exploring Spirituality At 40

I realized that this is how the universe tests you. It pushes you to the edge, leaving you alone to make that one crucial decision which has the power to transform your life completely. Your wrong moves will still keep you at the edge, with the universe giving you repeated chances to correct yourself.

And one right move can turn your life 360 degrees.

Those who understand these signs become eligible to travel the path of spirituality, self-realization, self-exploration, emotional well-being, and interconnectedness.

At this stage, I was able to understand that some cosmic power is there which has the ability to control me. There is something which has the power to guide me toward a better life and something which has the ability to pull me back to the same situation.

To escape from a web of disappointments, your soul will surely seek blessings from the universe.

And trust me, the universe only knows affirmation for what you ask for. The universe can give you everything if your mind, body, and soul are aligned. That means the universe is not an Aladdin’s lamp that you rub and ask for anything.

Exploring Spirituality At 40

The universe only understands vibration, one vibration. So, if your mind, body, and soul are not aligned, you won’t be able to send that one vibration back to the universe.

The universe never differentiates between good or bad intentions. That's why bad people do exist. They also ask the universe for everything with one vibration and as I said, the universe only knows affirmation. It will give you the power to shape yourself and to destroy yourself.

What matters is what you are seeking from the universe.

Being an Indian where spirituality is in our DNA, I never felt it. Though I know we have many gods and goddesses, Ayurveda, yoga, festivals, rituals, etc., and have always participated with full enthusiasm, I never faced a situation where my mind wants to control my soul for the body. I felt suffocated with the life I was living. I realized what was harming me and what was shaping me. It was obvious and I had to choose one.

I chose myself because it felt like a parasitic ghost living in my body.

There was so much disconnect. My mind knew everything I was doing, my soul wanted to enjoy everything coming its way, and my body got sandwiched for nothing.

Sooner, my mind and body realized that the soul was crossing its limits and it should get aligned, otherwise, destruction was on its way.

Though I blame my mind for this mess, it allowed the soul to live the way it wanted.

But the best part of the mind is that it cares for the body. It knows that it is dependent on the body for its own existence. It got scared of things that were harming the body. It started understanding that the body is the most important asset it has. And the body is the only thing that can nurture the mind and soul.

Maybe that’s why we call it self-realization when you realize that your soul has to live in your body.

To have control over your soul, you need to be disciplined. You need to be focused to give direction to your soul.

I felt very connected to myself the day it happened. I was sitting on a sofa enjoying the smell of the first rain of the monsoon and sipping traditional Indian ginger tea. I felt so earthy and grounded.

The joy of self-realization was so beautiful that every breath felt energizing. The change of mind and the mindful thoughts started becoming so relevant. I started enjoying everything with open eyes.

As you know, eyes are equally responsible for the distraction. I closed my eyes and started feeling myself, my breath. Every breath started giving me calmness. The deeper the breath was, the calmer my mind became. My soul started enjoying cloud nine.

The soul always wants to be free and live the way it wants. But the problem with the soul is, it can't enjoy without the mind and body. Enjoyment has to be felt and create memories. A formless soul will always encourage the body and mind to enjoy everything. It’s the mind and body that have to decide what’s good and what’s not.

The moment the soul started enjoying the self-realization, it started asking for more. The reason for this desire was that it started enjoying the vibration of the universe. It started enjoying the process of the alignment of the mind, body, and soul.

The soul started understanding the vibrations of the universe and it started passing them to the mind and body to feel it. Suddenly, everything started becoming so blissful. I never felt so connected with myself.

I googled ways of meditation and started practicing it. Finally, I was on the right path to a spiritual journey. As a beginner, I had to learn a lot and still, I am a student on this path of spiritual awakening.

Exploring Spirituality At 40

Trust me, all you need is a quiet place, a mat, and if possible, fresh air. The whole idea is to keep silent for some time without any thoughts coming in or going out of your mind. Focus on your breath and feel the universe.

Thank you friends for your time to read this blog. Pls, share your comments and thoughts and will surely be back soon with part 2 of this blog. Thank you and have a great Day! ':


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