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Ministry of Home Affairs : Guidelines for Shop opening in India

Guidelines from the Ministry of Home Affairs has been updated on 24 April 2020, based on the current situation of lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

MHA has issued fresh orders for opening of shops in a detailed guideline in India. The guidelines are issued to help the population which is dependent on income from shops. The order is giving big relief to small shopkeepers during this pandemic lockdown.
The lockdown has been extended till 3rd of May 2020 but based on situation and hotspot locations, the government is actively trying to bring relief for the second largest population in the world.

 The term 'shopping complexes' has been replaced with the term 'market complexes within the limits of municipal corporations and municipalities'.

Shops registered under Shops and Establishment Act of the respective state/UT, including shops in residential complexes and market complexes except shop in multi-brand and single brand malls, outside the limits of municipal corporations and municipalities with 50% strength of workers with wearing of masks and social distancing being mandatory can open from 24-04-2020.

Shops in neighbourhood and standalone shops, shops in residential complexes
within the limits of municipal corporations and municipalities with 50% strength of workers with wearing of masks and social distancing being mandatory can open from 24-04-2020, registered under Shops and Establishment Act of the respective state/UT. Except shops in market complexes, multi-brand and single brand malls.


The guidelines are being updated on a regular basis after reviewing the conditions of coronavirus infected areas. There will be complete lockdown in hotspots identified by the health ministry until further improvement in those areas.

Decisions are being made to help the population and to bring back the economy on track. The complete lockdown of 21 days was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24th March 2020. And after review and increasing cases of coronavirus patients, lockdown has been extended till 3rd may 2020. 

Controlling the 2nd largest population of the world is not an easy task but the Government led by Prime Minister Modi has proved that a clear vision and planning can handle any situation. A country with poor medical infrastructure and weak healthcare policies has handled the situation in an unbelievable way. 

Every country in the world is following India to handle the global pandemic. Nations with the best medical infrastructures and policies are failing to handle the situation. 

Lockdown decisions made at the right time worked for India. Indian government is taking every decision with utmost care. Initial 21 days lockdown decision has helped India to slow down the spread of coronavirus and based on that the government is trying to help the population. Benefiting farmers, daily wage workers, small-scale industries and many more.

COVID-19 : Plasma Therapy Is a Treatment Under Trial

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What is Plasma ?

Plasma Therapy is the new trending topic for coronavirus treatment. Before understanding the Plasma Therapy, let's know more about Plasma.
Plasma is the largest component of blood. 55% of blood is consist of plasma apart from White Blood Cell, Red Blood Cell,  Platelets. After separating the blood, plasma is the yellow color fluid which has water, salt and enzymes. Plasma plays very important role in carrying the blood component throughout the body. 

Plasma carries proteins, nutrients, enzymes to every cell of the body and also it carries the waste of the cells and helps body in removing the waste.

What is Plasma role in keeping you healthy?

Plasma is helpful in many ways:

1. Plasma help in circulating all the component of blood -WBCs, RBCs, Platelets throughout the body. 

2. Plasma circulates water, enzymes and salt through out the body.

3. Plasma carries antibodies, proteins, clotting factors.

4. Plasma helps in removing waste from cells. 

Blood, Donation, Health, Donor, Dna, Red, Plasma

What is Plasma role in treating diseases?

Plasma carries the antibodies, albumin protein and fibrinogen protein and many more to keep our body healthy. Plasma plays an important role in treating many diseases through transfer of antibodies.

Antibodies are also called as Immunoglobulin, which are proteins produced by our body in response to the foreign substance. These foreign substance are also called as Antigens. 

So, to understand it easily, these antibodies are the protective army of your body. Which your body produces to fight with intruders which can harm your body.

What is Plasma Therapy ?

A therapy where plasma is taken from a person who has recovered from the same disease. And is given to the person who is critically ill from the same disease. The antibodies in plasma helps to cure the disease by boosting the immunity of ill person.

In simple words, you are borrowing army from allies to fight with invaders when you are not ready. Allies army helps in fighting and it helps in training your army to fight against invaders.

when a person gets ill, his body takes time to produce these antibodies and that makes patient situation critical. And some time it too late and antigens fails your immune system response. Which can cause multi organ failure and causes death of the patient.

In Plasma therapy, blood of donor is taken and plasma is separated from it. Plasma is then given to the body of receiver who is critically ill. As the body receives the plasma with antibodies, the antibodies gives signal to patient's body immune system to produce antibodies. These antibodies also fights with antigens at the same time and that's how patient starts recovering.

Chronic diseases like autoimmune disorder and hemophilia are getting treated by the method of plasma therapy.

Process of separating plasma from blood is called plasmapheresis.

Blood group type AB are the universal donor and are in great demand.

Why Plasma Therapy is getting considered for Coronavirus treatment ?

Plasma Therapy treatment is in clinical trial for COVID-19 treatment. 

Critically ill patients in New Delhi, India recovered from coronavirus after getting plasma therapy from the patients who recently recovered from coronavirus.

In some studies in China, plasma therapy has been suggested for the treatment of COVID-19.

US FDA has also approved clinical trial of Plasma therapy for the treatment of coronavirus. 

If plasma therapy passes the clinical trials then it will help in treating the critically ill patients. To overcome the COVID-19 crisis, scientists & researchers are working hard to find the treatment of this pandemic which originated from Wuhan in China.

Plasma therapy is also called 'the gift of life' because it has proven the treatment of few chronic diseases in past.

Let's hope for the best and overcome this global pandemic situation which stopped everything. Lockdown has made the situation miserable globally. Every country is struggling to overcome this situation as soon as possible.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How to keep up motivated during COVID-19 pandemic ?

Universe Covid-19  motivational Quote earth and moon social distancing

Universe is full of examples And sometime it teaches us hard to understand its concept of existence. We must follow lockdown, social distancing, isolation rules and every possible thing to be safe from coronavirus.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is really becoming challenge for everyone's life. Corona warriors in each country are working hard day and night to overcome this global situation. Every human is struggling due to this unwanted emergency. 

Question is how can we stay positive and live healthy life and feel motivated through out this pandemic situation ?

Populations are forced to stay at home to save themselves from coronavirus. Due to all this, home is new sanctuary for humans on this planet. And to stay positive at this time, its required to make our home the most beautiful and happening place.

A well planned daily routine will help families to stay positive and mentally healthy. Parents will have to take the new role of teaching the young children at home. It's challenging but not impossible. Also, it's the time when you can create special bond with your family. 

Everyone is at home and its very important to keep up the mental health. 
At this lockdown time, none of the family member are driven by any external forces which leads to make decisions like shopping, restaurants, Gym, Pub, Movie theatre etc.

Lot of people are struggling to manage daily needs but there are people and families spending time to learn new things. Learning how to cook and sharing the experience within the family and over social media like Facebook and Instagram has become new trend. And its working as it appreciate your job in form of likes and comments! 

We need to learn to appreciate people to build positivity around.

More we engage our brain in doing something , more we will be able to overcome this situation mentally. Challenges will be always there, what matters is that we don't have to stop. We have to keep learning and keep on improving to make our life better.

Not the first time, humans are facing this kind of challenge. Nature makes sure that every generation learns to live and learns to respect by putting up new tasks in front.

The time is asking to re-invent again. Innovate again and become stronger than before. Affecting every breath of our life, the situation has made us to think and re-think about our professional life, health, food, lifestyle, relationship etc. 

Post Covid-19 pandemic, many things will have to change the way we were doing it. The way we were celebrating, going out with friends, watching movies, wellness, cultural activities, almost everything. 
Quarantine and lockdown period will make our life so much self controlled . This period will make each of us to connect our soul with our mind and body. A sense of self autonomy.

And it's very good if we take it positively and doing every possible thing which can keep our mind healthy. Planning a day with morning yoga,  gardening, cooking new dish, painting the wall, playing online game, creating a website or blog, Vlog etc. Creating lessons of something which you feel you know better and posting it on youtube is one of the best idea.

List of activities to keep up Mental Health :

1. Yoga / Meditation
2. Painting
3. Gardening
4. Spending time with Pets
5. Video blogging
6. Cooking 
7. Online teaching
8. Innovating 
9. Reading E-books
10. Writing quotes
11. Creating website
12. Youtube videos

And many more activities which your mind connects with your passion. For which your soul thought once but your mind made it leave giving random logical reason.

Be creative in your thoughts and take up one idea, one task that has ability to change your life post COVID-19 pandemic. Take it positively and understand that nature has given this time for introspection and reinvent ourselves. Self motivation will help you lot than sitting alone
and thinking over and over again.

Awaiting your comments on this post. Feel free to share your ideas on how to keep up mental health. You all are most invited to post your thought in form of post on this blog. Please contact us for the same.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Life Motivation

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MHA Guideline for Lockdown

Ministry of Home Affairs Consolidated
Revised Guideline

In continuation with the guideline issued on 14th April 2020, MHA has defined and included few more points in revised guideline. 
These guidelines are issued to help agriculture and horticulture activities, plantation activities and its sales and marketing, Financial sector-NBFCs, HFCs, NBFC-MFIs with bare minimum staff, cooperative credit societies and on construction activities in rural areas.
These are the positive steps to help the low income population. The detailed guideline has already been issued on 14th April 2020.The lockdown has been extended due to coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic situation. MHA has ordered to follow the guideline strictly and implementations will be observed closely.
Below is the consolidated revised guideline issued by MHA for lockdown 2.0.
MHA Guideline for Lockdown

Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman

Sanjeevani Booti 

Doordarshan has decided to re-telecast Ramayana at this lockdown time. Soon after the telecast Doordarshan has occupied first place at the game of TRP during last five years.

Ramayana is a serial by Ramanand Sagar. 
On 16th April,  35th episode of Ramayan was aired.  Sanjeevani booti was the main highlight of this episode. After being instructed by noble physician Sushena,  hanuman ji went to mount Dronagiri  in search of wondrous life giving herb Sanjeevani booti! 

 Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman
Image source-Ramayan Serial by Ramanand Sagar

The episode starts with Lord Hanuman taking dip in river for bathing while saying, 

"Ganga badi na Godavari, 
Na tirath bade prayag, 
Sakal tirath ka punya Vahi, 
Jaha hriday Ram ka Vaas "

"गंगा बड़ी न गोदावरी ,
ना तीरथ बड़े प्रयाग ,
सकल तीरथ का पुण्य वही,
जहा ह्रदय  राम  का वास "

that means 

"Neither the holy river Ganga is big 
Not the holy river Godavari. 
Nor  the Pilgrimage Prayag is greater in religious merit, 
Whole pilgrimages saintly virtue lies where Lord Ram resides in heart Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman

Killing Demon Kalnemi 

Suddenly one crocodile came near the feet of Hanuman ji. The crocodile was killed by Hanuman ji and gets converted into beautiful lady.  That lady told, that she was cursed by sage and now got liberated from the curse because of touching shree Hanuman Ji's feet. That lady alerted Hanuman ji about Kalnemi and informed that he is actually a demon Kalnemi sent by Ravan to kill you . And then lady got vanished in the sky. 
Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman
Image source-Ramayan Serial by Ramanand Sagar

After listening the words of lady, Hanuman ji went to Kalnemi and killed him. Then he proceeded on his way to mount Dronagiri. On his way, he passed by near Kailash mountain. Hanuman ji bowed towards lord Shiva to offer his respect to mighty lord Shiva. In return, Shivaji gave blessings to Hanuman. 

Then Hanuman ji reached towards mount Dronagiri but he couldn't recognise the wonder medicine named, Sanjeevani booti! Hanuman ji thought that the noble physician Sushena can recognise the magical herb. As he was getting late he decided to lift the mountain in his hand.

Hanuman - Bharat Milaap -

While returning back from Himalayas, hanuman ji met Bharat -
While returning on his way back, Hanuman ji crossed Ayodhya, the place where lord Ram was born. He bowed his head to Ayodhya to pay his reverence. Meanwhile,  Bharat was informed by his official that some unknown creature is hovering around Ayodhya. Thinking of Hanuman as some creature Bharat shot Hanuman with his arrow. Due to shot with arrow, Shri Hanuman became Unconscious. During his unconsciousness, Shri hanuman was chanting his lord Shri Ram's name.

After hearing the shri Ram's name from the mouth of Hanuman ji, Bharat was in repentance. He requested Hanuman ji and gave him the oath of Shri Ram to regain consciousness. 

On getting back to normal Bharat clasped hanuman ji to his chest and said -

You were uttering shri Ram's name even in your unconsciousness and requested him to let know who is he? Bharat even asked Hanuman ji for forgiveness. 

With humbleness Hanuman replied,  
I am Ram -Das - (servant of Shri Ram). Shri Ram is my lord. 

Hanuman even said to Bharat, that I am lucky as I have got chance to see you. 
I have heard lot about you from Shri Ram.  He always keep talking and praising about you. 
By listening that Bharat got very emotional and happy at the same moment. He was happy by knowing that his brother Shri Ram still remembers him. 
Bharat asked about whereabouts of brother Shri Ram, Lakshman and Mata Sita ji. Hanuman ji informed him about the Lakshman's condition and asked his permission to leave as the time was passing by. 
Bharat even offered his help to hanuman ji. Hanuman ji said, lord Ram has
benevolence upon me, that his very Name completes  my every task. 

Sankat Mochan Hanuman

Then Hanuman ji proceeded towards on the way to Lanka. Shri Ram, Jamvant and Sushena was waiting for him eagerly. 
Lord Hanuman reached the sea shore before the sun! 

Hanuman told noble physician that I have brought full mountain as I wasn't able to recognise the Magical Sanjeevani booti!  Kindly help us to recognise the Sanjeevani booti.  
Before plucking the Sanjeevani booti, Sushena offered his prayers to Divine healer Dhanvanthri and magical herb Sanjeevani booti. 

Then Sanjeevani booti was given to Lakshman. The lakshamana revived after having Sanjeevani booti. Lord Ram got very happy after Lakshman regained consciousness. Ram thanked Hanuman for bringing back Sanjeevani booti and the life of the Lakshman. He even said to Hanuman that, 

The one who averted the greatest danger to Raghukul is Hanuman! Hanuman is the liberator from adversity and hence he gave the name "Sankat Mochan" to  Shri Hanuman Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman

Jai Shri Ram Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman

Friday, April 17, 2020

Stuffed Shimla Mirch / Stuffed Capsicum

Hello folks around the world, Its lockdown time almost in every country due to coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic. In this quarantine time, I have most delicious recipe for you today to check out :-)

Stuffed Shimla Mirch / Stuffed Capsicum

During these lockdown days, my kitchen has become the most active volcanic region of my house. The two wonderful ladies of my house, My cute mommy and my food monster Sis are on cooking spree!  They both literally are on Chef-Mode, and are trying some of the delicious recipes everyday. 
Today, they cooked Stuffed Shimla Mirch aka Stuffed Capsicum aka Stuffed Bell Pepper. It was so tasteful that I thought to share this amazing cuisine with you all. Though just like Shinchan, I really hate Capsicum But, Stuffed Shimla mirch are my favourite one. Strange but true! 

Before going to recipe, Answer the question -"Are Capsicums a vegetable or a fruit "?

Surprise! Surprise! Capsicum is actually a fruit. A fruit is something that produces fruit inside. Capsicum is actually a hollow berry. 

Another good thing about this humble food is that, it is a gluten free. 

Now, let's move on to cooking part. First you need to prepare Shimla Mirch (capsicum)  or bell peppers. 

How to prepare Shimla Mirch (capsicum) ?

Take 6-7 capsicums. Wash it properly. Cut capsicums from the top and remove all the seeds from inside. Basically, they need to be hollow for stuffing the mixture.

Now to prepare the stuffing, follow the sequence -

1. Take 7-8 potatoes. Wash them properly. Boil and mash those potatoes.
2. Take 1 tablespoon oil in a frying pan and heat. 
3. Add -2 pinch Asaftoedia & 1-teaspoon cumin seeds in heated oil. 
4.  As the cumin seed turns red,  add half teaspoon turmeric powder, half teaspoon coriander powder & a pinch of Red chilly powder 
5. Add 1/4 teaspoon of garam masala and amchur powder. (Note - amchur powder is dry mango powder).

6.  Fry them for half a minute. Then add mashed potatoes and salt & fry again  for 4-5  minutes . Now the stuffing is ready. 

Now, Stuffing! Stuffing!! And Stuffing!!! -

Now, take the hollow capsicums and stuff it neatly.  

After stuffing, its time to fry them. 

How to Fry stuffed Capsicums or bell pepper ?

Pour 4 tablespoons of oil into a hot pan and wait for four to five minutes. Place all the stuffed capsicums carefully into the pan. Cover the pan with the lid and you can open it after 3-4 minutes. 

Make sure you are frying it on a medium flame. 
Stir fry the stuffed capsicums so that all the side of it becomes soft and turns into golden brown color. Low flame is required to cook it properly.You have to be really patient with these little bell peppers. 

Make sure the capsicums turns soft and golden brown in color, if it turns then you are done! Cheers!!

Take out the delicious stuffed capsicums in a bowl or a plate. Serve them with Raita, Roti, chapati or naan whichever you like to. I  prefer eating these cuties with Rice and Daal. 


Capsicums -  6-7 pcs 
Potatoes -      7-8 pcs
Turmeric powder - half teaspoon 
Coriander powder - half teaspoon 
Garam masala powder -one fourth teaspoon 
Amchur powder(Mango powder)  -  1/4  teaspoon 
Red chilly powder - one pinch
Cumin seeds - 1 teaspoon 
Asaftoedia    - 2 pinch 
Oil - 5 tablespoons 
Salt - according to taste 

Capsicum is a good stress buster! 

Capsicum is a mighty food, which contains natural analgesic  agent like Capsaicin. It has a plenty of antioxidants which helps in preventing building up of a free radicals.    

It is rich in Vitamin C, which is a Natural tranquilliser! So, the next time when you find yourself dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, mood swings. Go to your kitchen - cook this amazing stuffed capsicum recipe - and enjoy its blissful taste. 
Say bye bye to stress and anxiety. Stay at home during lockdown and quarantine period, chill and cook your favourite dishes!

Stay home. Stay safe. 

Author - Neelam M

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Bengaluru News

Bengaluru List of Hotspot on 14th April 2020

Bengaluru News hotspot

Above is the list of hotspot places in Bengaluru on 14th April 2020. 

MHA Fresh Lockdown Guideline

Compulsory face mask, Industrial commercial activities allowed after April 20
based on review

After the announcement of Lockdown 2.0 by Prime Minister Modi. Ministry of Home Affairs has issued the guidelines to implement lockdown till 3rd of May 2020. The Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has issued detailed guideline for necessary industrial and commercial activities.
After reviewing the COVID-19 affected zone and hotspot location, industrial and commercial activities will be allowed to work in strict guidelines from 20th April 2020.

This step is taken and guideline has been issued to help those from low income group and daily wage worker.

Below is the complete guideline issued by MHA for lockdown 2.0.
lockdown 2.0  guidelines

lockdown 2.0  guidelines

lockdown 2.0  guidelines

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic guidelines
lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

lockdown 2.0 Covid-19 pandemic

Jobs/Sarkari Naukri

government jobs

Sarkari Naukri 2020: Those who are looking for a government job, here are vacancy updates in Indian Oil, ISRO and NALCO
These vacancies are at different position with different pay scale. Required qualifications are from 10th level to graduation level. If you are looking for government jobs (Sarkari naukri ) , then you can apply as per your qualification and requirement of the vacancy.
Applicants can apply online in all the vacancies. Information regarding the recruitment is given below.

Company: Indian Oil Corporation(IOCL)

Post : Assistant Officer in Finance

Selected candidate will be appointed as Assistant officer in Indian Oil's Refineries, marketing, Research & Development , Pipeline, Business Development center, Corporate office functions or joint Venture companies.

Last date for application : 6th may 2020

Click here for more information

Company name: National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO)
Vacancy: Engineer
Qualification : Bachelor's in Engineering or Technology
Minimum Percentage : 65%
Maximum Age Limit: 30 yrs

Last date to apply : 2nd may 2020

Click here for more information

Company name
Indian Space Research Department (ISRO) - Space Application Center (SAC)
Vacancy post : Scientist / Engineer, Technical Assistant, Technician etc.
Qualification : Class 10th to Engineering

Last date for application : 1st may 2020

Click here for more information

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Aarogya Setu Mobile App

How to use Aarogya Setu Mobile App ?

Aarogya Setu, is a mobile app developed by Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of India to fight against COVID-19.

The App is available on Google Play for Android users and  Apple App store for iPhone users. You can download the App from there.
Aarogya Setu  App

Below is link given to download the app:

An app that can save you from from novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Here's a quick guide on how to use the App

1. Download and Install the App from Google Play or Apple App store.

an app that can save you from covid-19 pandemic

2. Next step, open the App. The App is available in 11 languages-10 Indian languages and English. You can choose your language.

3. After selecting the language, The application will show some of the highlights such as-
an app that can save you from covid-19 pandemic

an app that can save you from covid-19

 4. Then, click on the register now icon.
It will ask for the permission to open Bluetooth and will ask to allow 'location sharing'.Click on allow button. You have to note that, you have to always keep 'ON' Bluetooth and GPS on your phone.
an app that can save you

an app that can save you

5. Next, it will ask to enter your mobile number. Enter and Submit your mobile number, so that you can be informed in case you have crossed paths with someone who has tested positive. Then it will send and ask OTP.

an app that can save you

6. To Self-Asses yourself click on the self-assesment test icon. You Will be asked number of questions. All you to do is answer honestly. In case some of the answers suggest Covid symptoms, the information will be sent to the government server. The data will help the government to take desired steps.

the app will ask you inbuilt questions as given below:

a. First, it will ask your gender .i.e. Male, Female or Other. Answer that.
an app that can save you

b. Next, it will ask about your age.

c. Then, it will ask whether you are experiencing any of the symptoms like Cough,Fever, Difficulty in breathing,None of the above.
If you are experiencing any of them click on the symptoms and if Not click on None of the Above.

d. Then, it will ask about the disease problems if you have ever had. Answer about it correctly.
an app that can save you from covid-19 pandemic
e. Next, it will ask whether you have been on international tour in last 14 days or Not. Click on your choice.

f. Then, it will ask whether you have been in touch with someone who has been rested Positive for COVID-19, 
an app that can save you from covid-19 pandemic

whether you are a healthcare worker and examined a COVID-19 Case without protective gear Or, None of the above.

Click on the right answer!

On the basis of assessment of your answers it will tell you whether your infection risk is low, moderate, or high.

an app that can save you from covid-19 pandemic

It will also suggest you the precautionary measures to avoid any chance of exposure to novel Corona virus.

Green color - means low risk
Orange color - means high risk.
an app that can save you from covid-19 pandemic

Aarogya Setu tracks through location generated social graph, your interaction with someone who could have tested COVID-19 positive.

Device location- It is recommended that you set your location sharing to 'Always'. You can change this anytime later.

Bluetooth Monitors your device's proximity to another mobile device. It is recommended that you keep it on all times.

At the end, it tells you, how one can keep clean and safe from getting infected.

PM CARE FUND -  You can also donate on PM CARE FUND using Aarogya Setu App  and collectively participate in a fight against COVID-19.
an app that can save you from covid-19 pandemic

#StaySafe #StayHome #MaintainSocialDistancing

Point to be noted that,App is fully safe in regard to privacy Concerns

The three  privacy features are as follows:

1. Personal identification will be de-identified , so that it will not show personal information of any infected person near you .

2. Aarogya Setu App will save your location information and people you are in contact. It will only send information to NIC server when you are in contact with infected person or your probability of getting infected is high.

3. It will clean the unwanted data at an interval on both, your phone and NIC server.

So, don't wait! Download and use the app for your safety and for the safety of people around you.

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