Saturday, April 25, 2020

COVID-19 : Plasma Therapy Is a Treatment Under Trial

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What is Plasma ?

Plasma Therapy is the new trending topic for coronavirus treatment. Before understanding the Plasma Therapy, let's know more about Plasma.
Plasma is the largest component of blood. 55% of blood is consist of plasma apart from White Blood Cell, Red Blood Cell,  Platelets. After separating the blood, plasma is the yellow color fluid which has water, salt and enzymes. Plasma plays very important role in carrying the blood component throughout the body. 

Plasma carries proteins, nutrients, enzymes to every cell of the body and also it carries the waste of the cells and helps body in removing the waste.

What is Plasma role in keeping you healthy?

Plasma is helpful in many ways:

1. Plasma help in circulating all the component of blood -WBCs, RBCs, Platelets throughout the body. 

2. Plasma circulates water, enzymes and salt through out the body.

3. Plasma carries antibodies, proteins, clotting factors.

4. Plasma helps in removing waste from cells. 

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What is Plasma role in treating diseases?

Plasma carries the antibodies, albumin protein and fibrinogen protein and many more to keep our body healthy. Plasma plays an important role in treating many diseases through transfer of antibodies.

Antibodies are also called as Immunoglobulin, which are proteins produced by our body in response to the foreign substance. These foreign substance are also called as Antigens. 

So, to understand it easily, these antibodies are the protective army of your body. Which your body produces to fight with intruders which can harm your body.

What is Plasma Therapy ?

A therapy where plasma is taken from a person who has recovered from the same disease. And is given to the person who is critically ill from the same disease. The antibodies in plasma helps to cure the disease by boosting the immunity of ill person.

In simple words, you are borrowing army from allies to fight with invaders when you are not ready. Allies army helps in fighting and it helps in training your army to fight against invaders.

when a person gets ill, his body takes time to produce these antibodies and that makes patient situation critical. And some time it too late and antigens fails your immune system response. Which can cause multi organ failure and causes death of the patient.

In Plasma therapy, blood of donor is taken and plasma is separated from it. Plasma is then given to the body of receiver who is critically ill. As the body receives the plasma with antibodies, the antibodies gives signal to patient's body immune system to produce antibodies. These antibodies also fights with antigens at the same time and that's how patient starts recovering.

Chronic diseases like autoimmune disorder and hemophilia are getting treated by the method of plasma therapy.

Process of separating plasma from blood is called plasmapheresis.

Blood group type AB are the universal donor and are in great demand.

Why Plasma Therapy is getting considered for Coronavirus treatment ?

Plasma Therapy treatment is in clinical trial for COVID-19 treatment. 

Critically ill patients in New Delhi, India recovered from coronavirus after getting plasma therapy from the patients who recently recovered from coronavirus.

In some studies in China, plasma therapy has been suggested for the treatment of COVID-19.

US FDA has also approved clinical trial of Plasma therapy for the treatment of coronavirus. 

If plasma therapy passes the clinical trials then it will help in treating the critically ill patients. To overcome the COVID-19 crisis, scientists & researchers are working hard to find the treatment of this pandemic which originated from Wuhan in China.

Plasma therapy is also called 'the gift of life' because it has proven the treatment of few chronic diseases in past.

Let's hope for the best and overcome this global pandemic situation which stopped everything. Lockdown has made the situation miserable globally. Every country is struggling to overcome this situation as soon as possible.

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