Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How to keep up motivated during COVID-19 pandemic ?

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Universe is full of examples And sometime it teaches us hard to understand its concept of existence. We must follow lockdown, social distancing, isolation rules and every possible thing to be safe from coronavirus.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is really becoming challenge for everyone's life. Corona warriors in each country are working hard day and night to overcome this global situation. Every human is struggling due to this unwanted emergency. 

Question is how can we stay positive and live healthy life and feel motivated through out this pandemic situation ?

Populations are forced to stay at home to save themselves from coronavirus. Due to all this, home is new sanctuary for humans on this planet. And to stay positive at this time, its required to make our home the most beautiful and happening place.

A well planned daily routine will help families to stay positive and mentally healthy. Parents will have to take the new role of teaching the young children at home. It's challenging but not impossible. Also, it's the time when you can create special bond with your family. 

Everyone is at home and its very important to keep up the mental health. 
At this lockdown time, none of the family member are driven by any external forces which leads to make decisions like shopping, restaurants, Gym, Pub, Movie theatre etc.

Lot of people are struggling to manage daily needs but there are people and families spending time to learn new things. Learning how to cook and sharing the experience within the family and over social media like Facebook and Instagram has become new trend. And its working as it appreciate your job in form of likes and comments! 

We need to learn to appreciate people to build positivity around.

More we engage our brain in doing something , more we will be able to overcome this situation mentally. Challenges will be always there, what matters is that we don't have to stop. We have to keep learning and keep on improving to make our life better.

Not the first time, humans are facing this kind of challenge. Nature makes sure that every generation learns to live and learns to respect by putting up new tasks in front.

The time is asking to re-invent again. Innovate again and become stronger than before. Affecting every breath of our life, the situation has made us to think and re-think about our professional life, health, food, lifestyle, relationship etc. 

Post Covid-19 pandemic, many things will have to change the way we were doing it. The way we were celebrating, going out with friends, watching movies, wellness, cultural activities, almost everything. 
Quarantine and lockdown period will make our life so much self controlled . This period will make each of us to connect our soul with our mind and body. A sense of self autonomy.

And it's very good if we take it positively and doing every possible thing which can keep our mind healthy. Planning a day with morning yoga,  gardening, cooking new dish, painting the wall, playing online game, creating a website or blog, Vlog etc. Creating lessons of something which you feel you know better and posting it on youtube is one of the best idea.

List of activities to keep up Mental Health :

1. Yoga / Meditation
2. Painting
3. Gardening
4. Spending time with Pets
5. Video blogging
6. Cooking 
7. Online teaching
8. Innovating 
9. Reading E-books
10. Writing quotes
11. Creating website
12. Youtube videos

And many more activities which your mind connects with your passion. For which your soul thought once but your mind made it leave giving random logical reason.

Be creative in your thoughts and take up one idea, one task that has ability to change your life post COVID-19 pandemic. Take it positively and understand that nature has given this time for introspection and reinvent ourselves. Self motivation will help you lot than sitting alone
and thinking over and over again.

Awaiting your comments on this post. Feel free to share your ideas on how to keep up mental health. You all are most invited to post your thought in form of post on this blog. Please contact us for the same.


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