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Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman

Sanjeevani Booti 

Doordarshan has decided to re-telecast Ramayana at this lockdown time. Soon after the telecast Doordarshan has occupied first place at the game of TRP during last five years.

Ramayana is a serial by Ramanand Sagar. 
On 16th April,  35th episode of Ramayan was aired.  Sanjeevani booti was the main highlight of this episode. After being instructed by noble physician Sushena,  hanuman ji went to mount Dronagiri  in search of wondrous life giving herb Sanjeevani booti! 

 Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman
Image source-Ramayan Serial by Ramanand Sagar

The episode starts with Lord Hanuman taking dip in river for bathing while saying, 

"Ganga badi na Godavari, 
Na tirath bade prayag, 
Sakal tirath ka punya Vahi, 
Jaha hriday Ram ka Vaas "

"गंगा बड़ी न गोदावरी ,
ना तीरथ बड़े प्रयाग ,
सकल तीरथ का पुण्य वही,
जहा ह्रदय  राम  का वास "

that means 

"Neither the holy river Ganga is big 
Not the holy river Godavari. 
Nor  the Pilgrimage Prayag is greater in religious merit, 
Whole pilgrimages saintly virtue lies where Lord Ram resides in heart Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman

Killing Demon Kalnemi 

Suddenly one crocodile came near the feet of Hanuman ji. The crocodile was killed by Hanuman ji and gets converted into beautiful lady.  That lady told, that she was cursed by sage and now got liberated from the curse because of touching shree Hanuman Ji's feet. That lady alerted Hanuman ji about Kalnemi and informed that he is actually a demon Kalnemi sent by Ravan to kill you . And then lady got vanished in the sky. 
Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman
Image source-Ramayan Serial by Ramanand Sagar

After listening the words of lady, Hanuman ji went to Kalnemi and killed him. Then he proceeded on his way to mount Dronagiri. On his way, he passed by near Kailash mountain. Hanuman ji bowed towards lord Shiva to offer his respect to mighty lord Shiva. In return, Shivaji gave blessings to Hanuman. 

Then Hanuman ji reached towards mount Dronagiri but he couldn't recognise the wonder medicine named, Sanjeevani booti! Hanuman ji thought that the noble physician Sushena can recognise the magical herb. As he was getting late he decided to lift the mountain in his hand.

Hanuman - Bharat Milaap -

While returning back from Himalayas, hanuman ji met Bharat -
While returning on his way back, Hanuman ji crossed Ayodhya, the place where lord Ram was born. He bowed his head to Ayodhya to pay his reverence. Meanwhile,  Bharat was informed by his official that some unknown creature is hovering around Ayodhya. Thinking of Hanuman as some creature Bharat shot Hanuman with his arrow. Due to shot with arrow, Shri Hanuman became Unconscious. During his unconsciousness, Shri hanuman was chanting his lord Shri Ram's name.

After hearing the shri Ram's name from the mouth of Hanuman ji, Bharat was in repentance. He requested Hanuman ji and gave him the oath of Shri Ram to regain consciousness. 

On getting back to normal Bharat clasped hanuman ji to his chest and said -

You were uttering shri Ram's name even in your unconsciousness and requested him to let know who is he? Bharat even asked Hanuman ji for forgiveness. 

With humbleness Hanuman replied,  
I am Ram -Das - (servant of Shri Ram). Shri Ram is my lord. 

Hanuman even said to Bharat, that I am lucky as I have got chance to see you. 
I have heard lot about you from Shri Ram.  He always keep talking and praising about you. 
By listening that Bharat got very emotional and happy at the same moment. He was happy by knowing that his brother Shri Ram still remembers him. 
Bharat asked about whereabouts of brother Shri Ram, Lakshman and Mata Sita ji. Hanuman ji informed him about the Lakshman's condition and asked his permission to leave as the time was passing by. 
Bharat even offered his help to hanuman ji. Hanuman ji said, lord Ram has
benevolence upon me, that his very Name completes  my every task. 

Sankat Mochan Hanuman

Then Hanuman ji proceeded towards on the way to Lanka. Shri Ram, Jamvant and Sushena was waiting for him eagerly. 
Lord Hanuman reached the sea shore before the sun! 

Hanuman told noble physician that I have brought full mountain as I wasn't able to recognise the Magical Sanjeevani booti!  Kindly help us to recognise the Sanjeevani booti.  
Before plucking the Sanjeevani booti, Sushena offered his prayers to Divine healer Dhanvanthri and magical herb Sanjeevani booti. 

Then Sanjeevani booti was given to Lakshman. The lakshamana revived after having Sanjeevani booti. Lord Ram got very happy after Lakshman regained consciousness. Ram thanked Hanuman for bringing back Sanjeevani booti and the life of the Lakshman. He even said to Hanuman that, 

The one who averted the greatest danger to Raghukul is Hanuman! Hanuman is the liberator from adversity and hence he gave the name "Sankat Mochan" to  Shri Hanuman Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman

Jai Shri Ram Story . Ramayan . Sanjeevani Booti . Rama . Hanuman

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