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Can I Use Google AdSense & Amazon Affiliate Ads on Same Page ?

Can I Use Google AdSense & Amazon Affiliate Ads on Same Page ?

What boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic is digital presence over the internet. Every day millions of blogs & websites are coming up online like mushrooms with loads of content over-flooding the internet. 

Off-course a lot of people have hidden desire of getting into serious writing. And when they learn about monetization program, they get over-excited. 

Writing & earning can be a very exciting combination if someone takes it seriously without focusing on earning at its inception.

You read right! If your focus is on earning as soon as possible then you won't be able to make it a genuine blog with good content. A genuine blog brings organic traffic automatically and earnings too. So, never worry about the earnings. Its well said in digital marketing-

" Content Is The King"

Have faith in your content. Write more on niche topics to bring more organic traffic. Do not try to copy paste until your content is factual. Make sure you have variety in your content.

Divide it like, Responsive post-500-700 words, Factual post  500 - 1000 words and Insightful post 1000-3000 words.

You can sell affiliate products directly through the affiliate programs offered by different websites. But affiliate marketing requires more knowledge in understanding digital sales. 

Never Have Blind Faith, It's Dangerous!

Everyone wants to earn money quickly within no time. Truth is that You won't start earning millions within a month. Not even 100 dollars until and unless you are a pro-blogger or you have your own brand which can drive search engine's organic traffic.

As a genuine blogger, you may have a question that Can I Use Google AdSense & Amazon Affiliate Ads on the Same Page? This is the most frequently asked question over the internet by almost every blogger. 

Using Google AdSense & Amazon Affiliate Ads on the Same Page

The answer is "Yes." You can have both the Ads on the same page but there are few points which you have to keep in mind. It's true that Affiliate marketing gives your exponential earning but google AdSense gives you better rating and optimization in search engines.

Do not use those ads which are similar or same as Google AdSense. Google detects your page content based on keywords and then AdSense serves Ads based on your target audience reading the content of your page. 

For example, if your blog is about Face Mask Review or Hand Sanitizer Review or Top Movie Review then AdSense will display ads related to a Face mask or a Hand sanitizer or Movie Ticket. 

If you show affiliate Ads related to face mask or hand sanitizer or movie ticket, then your AdSense account will be in danger.

How To Use Google AdSense & Amazon Affiliate Ads on the Same Page

You can replace any affiliate account with any other affiliate account displaying ads on your website or page. You can earn more as there are a lot of affiliate programs that offer more income. Amazon is the most famous and reliable affiliate program.

Be careful in replacing google AdSense with affiliate Ads and keep on tracking its performance. If you are earning from that replacement then you can replace Ads one by one.

Make sure you don't overload your page with Ads. Google's algorithm reads everything and you might get a warning or suspension mail for your Google AdSense account. 

At the end, if your content is strong, you will get more traffic and conversions. Add images to your content to make it visually appealing and interesting. It will automatically engage more viewers and readers will spend more time on your blog.

Author - Pramod Kumar


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