Friday, May 8, 2020

Plans & Motivation Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

Plans & Motivation  Post-COVID-19 Pandemic
Hi Everyone, I was going through the news and heard a lot about job loss and pay cuts due to coronavirus. COVID-19 pandemic has left the world nowhere and it looks like everything has to start from scratch. 

Every human being on this planet is suffering due to this global pandemic. Coronavirus is now a question on human survival. Not only about daily needs but it's about life. Affecting the financial situation of every individual badly. What we strive for throughout life is the happiness of the family, Good food, shelter, lifestyle, the upbringing of children and suddenly a disaster happens.

Millions of people lost their job. Companies around the globe are filing for bankruptcy. It's hard-time for the world. Nobody ever thought in their dreams about this pandemic. We heard in history books that pandemics happened in the past around 100 years back. We were able to stop a few because of scientists and researchers working day and night. 

We evolved so much in the last 30-40 yrs that the whole of mankind didn't evolve in the past 3000 years. The internet helped every brain to connect and share their knowledge & improve everything that affects life from pins to giant spacecraft.

We reached Moon, Mars, Pluto, and tried to explore nearby planets & stars in the universe. Everyday innovations are happening and thousands of patents are filed every month. But have we ever thought of this situation?


There will be students coming out of the college this year & looking for a job for survival & paying EMIs of the study loans. Some entrepreneurs just started their journey and had to push the brakes due to this coronavirus.

Millions of daily wage factory workers in the fashion & apparel manufacturing industry in Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Philippines, etc are protesting for their survival. Their minimum requirement is food at-least twice a day during this lockdown. The coronavirus has dismantled every theory of living a better life. 

COVID-19 pandemic.protest.workers.job loss

The analysis is, what we earned after so many years of practicing to live an educated and cultured life? 

Question is what do we do to overcome the situation to live a normal life we use to live? Where the day was starting with a marathon and ending with a marathon and we were happy about it. We complained but we learned to survive and manage everything within those paycheque to paycheque credits every month.

People are anxiously waiting for the salary credit message which they use to receive at the end of every month. 

How do we train children at home that lockdown is the new Normal life? How will their training happen to build a future when they are struggling to breathe in the present? 

Nobody knows the answer to so many questions running on every other site on the internet. We can't pretend that this situation will never come again. Everyone has to save life individually for themselves.  

In other words, we are on a flight mode with limited resources and a long journey. We are not allowed to experience the weather outside. We have to wait patiently to overcome the situation and reach a safe destination. This is the time to re-invent ourselves for a better future and practice solitude to improve mental health.

We have to plan our future and will have to sacrifice luxury over survival for our families. With the increasing number of death figures due to Coronavirus, we have to think about individual health security. We can't just let go of people.

What we Should start doing now?

1. Life has to move forward. Act now and pen down opportunities for you at this time. Forget what you were before the pandemic. the World will definitely change after lockdown.

2. No job is small, try everything which can help to reach your goals.

3. Be flexible to contribute extra hours for securing your future. Instead of 40 hours a week, try 45 hours a week. Additional 5 hours for future security.

4. Live a lifestyle with minimal resources. Reduce unnecessary lifestyle expenses until you reach a certain financial goal. 

5. Plan finances for the long term -

Save for future.Start saving.piggy bank

a. Enough survival fund for a year or two,

b. Health insurances, 

c. Financial security post-retirement, 

d. Financial security for children

How to motivate children?

1. Build a strong relationship with children and bring positive energy sharing knowledge.

2. Share your experiences of both good and bad times.

3. Try to understand the interest of your child, do not force what you want them to do.

4. Be sporty and encouraging, leaving all stress aside.

5. Practice a healthy lifestyle which they can carry to the next generation.

6. Do not panic and take decision wisely to help them to grow positively.

7. Keep up the mental health by involving them in a healthy discussion.

8. Appreciate them for their knowledge and interest.

Stretch & smile and Stay motivated, this is not the end of the world. Everything is possible if you want to do it. Share your happiness to bring a smile to the people around you. Be positive and break down your strategies for post-COVID-19 life to reach your goals. Accept changes and follow social distancing for you & your family's health. 


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Author - Pramod Kumar

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