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Plug & Play Smart Ceiling - The trending Interior Design Lighting Concept

interior design, lighting concept, false ceiling
Plug & Play Smart Ceiling

What is 'Plug & Play Smart Ceiling'?

In simple words, the innovative false ceiling concept which can engage the user at a fingertip. Ceiling plays an important role in home interior and generally people neglect it & don't invest money to improvise the look of the interior.

The general mindset of an individual having interior done with expensive material is to show off the spending power. But what is missing is 'The Ambiance'. 

'Ambiance' is the atmosphere created as per the mood of that place. Every element of interior design starting from colors, textures, flooring, lighting, false ceiling, metal or wooden add-ons, and many more contributes to creating the right ambiance.

People spend a lot of money on booking highly rated venues for a small function like birthday, family functions, dinner tables for partners and loved ones, and many more occasions. Do you know why?

Just for The Ambiance. Off-course a lot of money is invested in creating the heavenly interior of your home with imported furniture, tiles, etc. But the use of an appropriate lighting system integrated into the false ceiling will be something out of the box concept.

Just imagine -

Single lighting for every occasion. Which reminds you every time that something is missing while everything is around. And why not?  

If under the same light you are 

-watching a movie, 

-spending quality time with family members, 

-having dinner with loved ones,

-Reading newspaper in the same yellow light 

-Romantic dinner with your partner

-Playing games with children

It's like buying one t-shirt for all the family members.

Now Imagine -

  1. Presenting a gift to your partner in mesmerising pink or purple light.                            
  2. Narrating superheroes story to your child under the false ceiling with superhero graphics & lighting.                                                                                                                    
  3. Dim light while watching a movie with your family                                                            
  4. Reading books or newspaper under bright daylight ambiance                                        
  5. Soft candlelight dinner ambiance while dining with friends and families.                     
  6. Disco lighting while birthday party of your child

The Ambiance created by changing lights at your fingertip.

Which one will you prefer?, without moving out of your house spending an insane amount of money just for the relevant lighting ambiance. If you have all the mood creating ambiance lighting at your fingertip.

The Patented technology of integrated lighting system in one product, which doesn't occupy carpet area of your house. Using the sixth wall of your house which just gets neglected because you can't step on it.

Isn't it a good deal that can save your money and can provide your required ambiance at your fingertip?

The concept is the brainchild of Mr. Jay Sah, who realised that good lighting changes the look of the interior and it makes you feel the atmosphere of the mood of your house.

How is it better than a traditional false ceiling?

interior design, lighting concept, false ceiling

  • Easy to install. You heard right. It's not like gypsum false ceiling & lighting work, which takes weeks and months in following up & coordination with designer & contractor to finalise the design and finish the job. 
  • It takes less than an hour to install. Three cheers! for the patented Plug & Play      Smart Ceiling technology.                                                                                                         
  • Factory finished Plug & Play product produced in high-class factories with              modern cutting and molding techniques.
  • Plug & Play Smart Ceiling product catalog has number of designs and shape options to choose from. 

  • Contractors never give you a clear vision of the end product as the traditional false ceiling and lighting process go together. And it will be left on you to visualize it & buy it. It's always risky.

  • The contractor will confuse you with long bills and quotations. And sometime over-buying of raw material happens.
  • The light source with 180 degrees light spread makes it a perfect replacement for the overall lighting of a room. 
  • Plug & Play Smart Ceiling can be used in combination with gypsum false ceiling/ if you really love gypsum false ceiling.

The Patent

MyCeiling is primarily a product based company that restricts the competition in the market with its unique product patents. The compact look of Plug & Play Smart Ceiling is based on the technology of integrating the whole concept into a small area. 

The company has recently filed 4 patents in India and planning to take it up globally. The company is looking for investors to go global as the concept of Plug & Play Smart Ceiling has huge potential. The company is receiving queries within India & overseas.

Also the company has plans to offer franchise and patent rights in other countries to generate revenue to scale up the concept of Plug & Play Smart Ceiling. 


Product Range:

Plug & Play Smart Ceiling comes in five series:

1.Opal - For living room between 2 fans

2.Moonstone - Worship room or foyer area

3.Digital Ceiling - Kids Room ( can be used on walls)

4.FanPRO - Bedrooms

5. 3D ceiling (coming soon) - Unique paintable 3D surface, customer can change layout pattern

digital ceiling, interior design, false ceiling

Each concept is designed in its unique way to serve different purposes.

Product USP:

-Can be customised as per room type & requirement - Hall, Bedroom, worship/Pooja room, kids room, Balcony, foyer, etc.

-Home automation compatibility with Alexa, Google.

-The Design pattern sheet can be replaced with a new design,/ if you are bored after a time.

-Warranty of 10 years on product structure & 2 years warranty on LED lights.


Price range. 

 Price of Plug & Play Smart Ceiling is majorly based on size and series design:

-For sizes 2x2 feet to 6x4 feet price varies from Rs 12,000 to Rs 35,000. 


Delivery and services

MyCeiling delivers Plug & Play Smart Ceiling products PAN India with trusted logistic partner BLUEDART. 

The company provides an easy to install manual for hassle-free installation. With an easy installation manual, the client can get it installed by any local vendor (just like how a carpenter installs Hettich items with the help of the installation manual). 

Myceiling offer warranty of 2 years on led light fixtures and 10 years on product structure. For any external damage post-installation caused due to mishandling, the company offers component replacement with incurred costs.



Plug & Play Smart Ceiling future vision

Myceiling exactly knows design problems and requirements of innovation in the home interior.

Company has visioned to launch an innovative product that can be operated by their app which means you can preset moods as per day and night.

Multifunctional product  are in pipeline with advanced features like fan-lighting-home theatre system- wifi booster setup  and many more.

More option in sizes, shapes, design patterns, lighting systems, and product color shades are under development.


To scale up the business, the company is in the process of coming up with an online platform where a user can design and calculate the price for their gypsum false ceiling too. That will save a lot of time and money.

About Company & Founders

 Myceiling private limited was founded in June 2016 by Mr. Jay Sah where the co-founder Mr. Rohit Kumar joined the venture in 2017. Bangalore based manufacturing company Myceiling Pvt ltd offers its own “Make in India” products under its brand name “MyCeiling”.

Jay Sah is the founder of the company who is a design graduate from NIFT, Bangalore. He has a strong profile in handling turnkey interior projects, industrial product design, graphic design, business development, operations management, and brand building. 

He started his career as a freelancer and didn’t opt for any job as he wanted to explore the entrepreneurial journey. While handling a few turnkey interior projects and being close to end-users (house owners & builders) Jay got a chance to know the actual pain points and problems in the market. 

It was a major decision to switch to a 9 to 5 job at where the salary was 1/3 of his previously established business earning. He wanted to learn the process of what all it takes to build an innovative startup (at that time Livspace was at its initial stage with a team of 15 members). 

6 months before completing his 2 years at the job, with Steve Jobs as his idol & inspiration he decided to start R&D in the field of “ceiling” which was the least explored sector of home d├ęcor. The concept of “plug & play online ceiling” became his dream idea to start with. In May 2016 he resigned and in June started his venture Myceiling Pvt Ltd.

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Author- Pramod Kumar



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