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Ayurvedic Herbal Tea To Boost Immune System

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Its rightly said that 

"Health Is The Ultimate Wealth." 

Almost everyone on the planet is more conscious these days about their health. COVID-19 has become the biggest health challenge around the world.

Nobody wants to get infected or get sick these days. The situation has created a fearful atmosphere full of uncertainties about the normal life. 

The neighbours who use to engage with us now and then are trying to avoid any kind of social interaction. 

Though nobody is wrong. Its just everyone is more careful about their family & loved ones and its obvious with the current situation. Every age group is affected by this. 

Many people have lost their whole family due to COVID-19 infections leading to death.

The havoc of COVID-19 has destroyed an entire family in Dhanbad, India. The virus got spread from the mother to her 5 sons and all got severe infection. A total of 6 members of the family died within 15 days. 

There are many who lost their entire family or family member due to the pandemic.

Earning bread and butter for the family is getting so difficult these days. You may die of hunger if you don't go out to work and you may get infected by the deadly virus if you don't take care of yourself in public.

No other choice to escape as the family needs food to survive at least. There are parents, kids, wife & dependents of whom we have to take care.

How can we take care of our family during COVID-19?

Majorly by wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, avoiding visit to public places, hygiene. But the problem is that even those who are taking precautions are also getting infected because of their poor immunity.

Their immune system is not so strong that it can withstand any kind of mild infection. We can't blame anybody else. It's us who chose to move with the Ultra-fast lifestyle and we fed ourselves with anything unhealthy available. 

Stress and not having enough sleep became part of our lifestyle.

We know that a cup of herbal green tea won't do anything bad to us but we avoid its bitter taste by not including in our drinking habits.


Though we all know that green tea can help in weight reduction & is a powerhouse of antioxidants that can keep you fresh all day and it can boost your immunity.

Believe me, this pandemic is not going to end very soon and we will be safe only if we take care of ourselves by eating healthy food & living a healthy life. 

Its always better to include immunity booster food & drinks in our regular diet.

There are a lot of natural & organic foods available in the market to boost the immune system of your family. We just need to identify those foods and include them in our family's weekly diet chart. 

This will not only boost immunity but it will also make you strong internally and help in detoxifying your body. 

Herbal green tea, DIY organic syrups, minerals, and vitamins rich fruits are getting everyone's attention these days.

Its always good to know what you are eating. As it rightly said that 

"You Become What You Eat."

How to boost the immune system of our body?

Today we will discuss about Ayurvedic decoction(kadha) or syrup. This Ayurvedic readymade syrup is selling like hot cake right now over amazon and other online channels. 

It's a natural and herbal product that has all the ingredients which can boost up the immunity.

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine system where they treat a wide range of diseases by emphasising diet, herbal remedies, exercise, meditation, breathing, and physical therapy.

Yoga is also one of the most famous Indian meditational & physical therapy popular around the world. One of the reasons for peoples to believe this herbal tea.

Ingredients of the Herbal Tea/ Ayurvedic immune-boosting decoction (syrup) suggested by Indian Ayush Ministry:

1) Basil Leaves (Tulsi): Its naturally anti-inflammatory and helps in fighting against bacteria and viruses.

2) Cinnamon (Dalchini): Powerhouse of anti-oxidants with anti-bacterial/anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. 

3) Black Pepper: Anti-inflammatory, fights free radicals, improves absorption of beneficial compounds, and keeps healthy gut.

4) Dry Ginger (Shunthi): Anti-inflammatory, maintains healthy digestion, prevents the common cold.

5) Raisin (Munnaka): Helps in boosting Red blood cell formation, good for digestion, good for bones, prevents acidity, lower blood sugar.

Take 4-6 basil leaves, 1/2 tbsp cinnamon, 1/2 tbsp black pepper, 5-10 gram ginger, and 2 tbsp raisin and boil in 3 cups or 150 ml of water until it becomes 1 cup.

Add jaggery (natural sugar) and/or fresh lemon juice to your taste, if needed. You can add honey too if you don't find jaggery.

Order your readymade packs from Amazon

Ayurvedic Herbal Tea To  Boost Immune System, COVID-19, Immunity booster herbal tea, Green tea, Immunity, Family, Health, basil, cinnamon, boost ayush, Ayush kadha, herbal tea recipe

Why herbal tea to boost immunity?

Every component of this herbal tea has many benefits. These organic herbs are used as spices we use for everyday cooking. It's very important to have something specially made to take care of our immunity. 

Nobody wants to get infected by the deadly virus. It will be always good to improve your body's self defence system so that if unfortunately, infection happens, then at least the body will fight for a longer time.

Due to better immunity, the body will get a good amount of buffer time to develop the antibodies which can actually fight with the virus. 

Our body takes more than 2 weeks to develop antibodies and by that time situation gets worse if immunity is poor.

Good immunity fights from almost every seasonal disease and keeps you risk-free and fit always.

Prevention is always better than cure. We can't wait to get to that point where we can't help ourselves. The process of making this syrup takes around 15-20 minutes. 

Every ingredient is available in almost every grocery store. If you think you are the laziest then order it from Amazon. There are few readymade herbal teas with similar ingredients. 

Order from Amazon by clicking this link

Ayurvedic Herbal Tea To  Boost Immune System, COVID-19, Immunity booster herbal tea, Green tea, Immunity, Family, Health, basil, cinnamon, boost ayush, Ayush kadha, herbal tea recipe

Nothing is important than family. One must try these natural organic herbs for the wellness of the entire family.

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